Until the 1960s, a belief in the medical and scientific community suggested that human beings could not free dive into the sea depths. The limit was commonly thought to be 50 meters. Beyond this threshold, it was assumed that the water pressuring one’s rib cage would have exceed the lungs reduction capacity. Without being able to adapt to the external environment, the human body would have reached an inevitable collapse.

When Enzo Majorca reached a depth of 51 meters, in August 1962, the whole scientific community understood that their convictions were wrong. The element not considered was the Bloody Shift phenomenon: the heart’s ability to compensate for thoracic crushing by increasing blood’s flow in the pulmonary vessels.

Blue Hole Gallery, represent the metaphor of that abyss mistakenly considered impassable. The gallery proposes a new approach to the contemporary art world both in structural terms and in terms of artistic proposals. With a keen eye on the contemporary proposals where art and technology merge. The gallery itself emerges from the aseptic cube and moves around infinite locations. The Bloody Shift phenomenon becomes its daily inspiration, in the awareness that one has the duty to always push beyond limits.

Who is it for?

Blue Hole Art Gallery is aimed at collectors and art lovers who want to try a unique experience. For those who want to experiment new methods of buying art, for those who feel themselves in a new world, in which the law is technology.



Monday-Thursday: 11:00-19:00 Hrs


Art Gallery: Via Salaria 971, Rome
We recive by appointment only
Email: info@blueholeartgallery.com